Happy Easter

Easter Celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Jesus Rose !

When Jesus Christ came he was, largely, not recognized as the messiah who many of Jesus’ own people expected to see coming to powerfully overthrow the oppressive, Roman powers that loomed over the Jews.

As a result, among other pains and indignities, he was whipped with sharp objects and then killed in one of the cruelest and most humiliating ways men could arrange.


Before this, when priests were harassing Him with demands that He prove Himself directly to them upon demand with a miraculous sign (aside from the signs and wonders He performed profusely for those in need) Jesus refused, stating that wicked and “adulterous” people such as they would receive no sign from Him, except “the sign of Jonah”. This would have confused them, since Jonah was most known for having been swallowed by a giant sea creature out at sea and emerging at the shore.

He then goes and explains to His disciples that He will need to be delivered over to the Romans, be tortured, be killed, and then rise again. Jesus Christ rising from the bowels of death after 3 days (just as Jonah’s being in a stomach ultimately foreshadowed this event) was meant to be the crowning and most enduring sign and wonder that He performed.

It is this Resurrection we celebrate on Easter !

Are you with Jesus?

If you’re not sure, isn’t it worth some time to learn and find out for sure?

Skepticism is natural… there are many religions, making divine worship seem archetypal… an anthropological symptom of being human… good ol’ man the myth maker.  But supernatural evil really does exist, just as does God (counter-intuitive in this age of science and reason or not) and powerful agents of deceit are in full swing.  To find out how a small amount of time asking God to connect with you would be the most important 15 minutes you’ve ever spent (or as far as you may know now, potentially wasted like phone conversations, games, or fiction) contact us for a nudge in the right direction. As it turns out, Jesus is real, He’s the only way to the Kingdom of Heaven, and everything you may never dare to hope or suspect is true (in an effort not to succumb to wishful thinking) about God, immortality, reuniting with lost loved ones, and much more — is true.


Glory be to God in Christ Jesus  !