Greetings, and welcome to Odessa Community Church !

We grew out of an international radio ministry (RadioMinistry.org), now meeting locally, as well, with the Lord’s Supper, baptisms, charity, and more. Odessa Community Church is blessed with having been planted with the help of highly experienced and qualified professors and pastors from around the country, as an independent, nondenominational church in the care of our very own Pastor J.D. Burris, a matter-of-fact radio preacher featured in numerous countries by Voice of Hope.

We invite you to join us Sundays from 2:00 to 3:00 PM for our weekly church service (beginning August 11) in the Odessa Community Center located at 1627 Chesapeake Drive, Odessa, Florida, 33556.

Come glorify God – explore the bible – and grow with us, as part of us !

bible scenes depicted as cartoons
bible cartoons by our beloved brother, Martin Young of https://www.biblecartoons.co.uk/